Acne Prone

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Skin prone to extended capillaries and symptoms of acne rosacea. This type of skin easily becomes red under the influence of the following factors: incorrect diet, stress or atmospheric conditions. Initially, erythema is of a transient nature, but with time it becomes permanent in the form of widened blood vessels (telangiectasia). Capillary skin is particularly sensitive, while the presence of erythema is often accompanied by burning and itchiness of the skin. This skin type is also prone to lesions symptomatic of acne rosacea.

The Redness / Angio dermocosmetic line by Dermedic is a guarantee of comprehensive treatment of capillary skin and skin showing symptoms of acne rosacea.
Rs 975.00
Antibacterial cleansing facial gel
Rs 535.00
Anti-imperfections night cream
Rs 780.00
Regulating antibacterial tonic
Rs 770.00
Mattifying moisturising cream
Rs 885.00
Spot treatment of acne inflammations
Rs 410.00
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