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This soothing anti-bite baby cream for mosquito bites is suitable for the sensitive skin of toddlers from 6 months.
Rs 545.00
The Anti-Sting Spray Repellent Baby is a natural mosquito repellent formulated specifically for baby.
Rs 795.00
The Anti Sting Multi Soothing Cream helps to calm irritations and sensations of itching caused by insect bites or plant stings.
Rs 575.00
Puressentiel Anti-Sting Spray Clothes & Fabrics Repellent 150ml is a spray based on a powerful plant active ingredient from essential oil of lemon eucalyptus.
Rs 795.00
A basic citriodiol active natural essential oil derived from Eucalyptus citriodora, it effectively repels mosquitoes in temperate zones until 7 hours.
Rs 695.00
The Rest & Relax Soothing Massage Baby Balm is ideal to soothe and prepare babies from 6 months old for sleep.. Its composition of essential oils and natural extracts of Chamomile release soothing, relaxing and aromatic scents to promote relaxation and comfort.
Rs 495.00
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