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Biodegradable formula this gentle cleansing gel is made with soothing calendula flowers grown organically.
Rs 674.10 Rs 749.00
Klorane Baby Refreshing Scented Water 500ml is a scented water for babies, ideal from birth, for normal skin.
Rs 499.00
Klorane Baby Eryteal 3-in-1 Diaper Change Ointment 75g is an ointment which acts as a care and protection from diaper rash.
Rs 299.00
Klorane Baby Eryteal Spray is the first care for the rednesses and the irritations of baby's buttocks, conditionned in a spray-bootle, an oily care as effective as a ointment or a cream, and with a faster, handy and hygienic way of use!
Rs 399.00
Klorane Baby Gentle Cleansing Gel 500ml is a baby cleansing gel, ideal from the birth, for normal skin.
Rs 459.00
New natural formula*: with soothing Calendula obtained from organically farmed flowers. Its formula made with 96% natural ingredients, with a soft and relaxing fragrance, intensely moisturizes, soothes and protects the skin against dryness.
Rs 529.00
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