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Bubble Mask® is a true care of freshness and antipollution for your skin: it oxygenates and purifies your face to restore the dull complexion all its brightness.
Rs 250.00
Biocyte Collagen Express is a food supplement with a high collagen concentration for smoothed skin and contains vitamin C which contributes to collagen formation.
Rs 1,395.00
Collagen Max Anti-Aging is a complete formula designed to fight the signs of aging.
Rs 1,395.00
Biocyte kératine forte shampoo® is the first shampoo formulated with pure keratin. Thanks to this treatment, keratin adheres to our hair scale.
Rs 640.00
KETO BRULEUR® supports metabolism during a ketogenic diet, with quality ingredients, which act in synergy. Green tea contributes to weight loss by its action on thermogenesis. The effectiveness of the green tea extract contained in the KETO BURNER is scientifically proven, -15% significant reduction in weight after 3 months of use*.
Rs 785.00
Specifically formulated for lips in loss of density and volume, the Lip Mask® is designed to plump-up and moisturize your lips. The wrinkles around the mouth are smoothed and the lips recover their elasticity and firmness.
Rs 195.00
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