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Enriched with detangling agents, its formula with a soft and relaxing fragrance gently cleanses and makes detangling easier, leaving hair silky. Does not sting the eyes.
Rs 399.00
Klorane Petit Junior Shower Gel is specially formulated to protect children's fragile hair and prevent their delicate skin from drying. It leaves skin soft, supple and hair shiny.
Rs 399.00
Use this ultra-soft washing gel in the bath to delicately clean your baby’s face, body and hair. The gentle foamy texture is easy to rinse and doesn't sting the eyes. Leaves skin and hair beautifully clean, supple and delicately perfumed.
It protects your baby's immature skin flora with gentle active ingredients including vegetable glycerin, olive oil and allantoin.
Rs 629.00
This liniment is 100% natural. It consists of just five ingredients: water, cold-pressed olive oil to cleanse, nourish and protect, a natural emulsifier, limewater to counteract the acidity of urine and stools, beeswax to soften and nourish the skin. This liniment is perfect for washing babies’ bottoms as it leaves a protective lipid coating to prevent redness and nappy rash.
Rs 459.00
2 in 1 hair and body wash cleansing gel for baby and child.
Rs 425.00
Safely and effectively clean and soothe your baby's hair and skin while keeping the skin's natural oils intact.
Rs 645.00