Coughs, Cold & Flu

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Clogged nose, decongestion in case of colds, sinusitis, and allergic rhinitis.
Rs 349.00
Smelling stuffy nose is a hypertonic solution that cleanses and decongests the nose of children and infants, thanks to its sodium chloride content of 23g / L.
Rs 349.00
Fast action. Hypertonic solution for nasal hygiene.
Rs 779.00
This blend of noni powders, betel leaves, garlic cloves, and thyme has incredible antimicrobial properties while being an excellent remedy and prevention against the flu. The ingredients have been specially selected for their ability to protect the body from flu viruses and colds.
Rs 475.00
This blend of strawberry guava, tulsi leaves, bigarade, and cinnamon bark is a true concentrate of benefits in capsule form! It stimulates the immune system and strengthens cellular defenses while promoting a glowing physical form. Cells in the body produce an excess of free radicals when challenged by disease-causing microbes.
Rs 475.00
Olbas Inhaler is a handy way to get relief from a blocked nose, any time.
Rs 120.55