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Efficacy booster for all your skincare products.
Rs 1,169.10 Rs 1,299.00
Essential overnight skincare for beautiful skin in the morning. The skin is more receptive during the night, which is a perfect time to take care of it. This incredibly fresh gel is a truly relaxing bath of moisture that acts while you sleep. In the morni
Rs 2,429.10 Rs 2,699.00
The express SOS Cold Purifying Mask, for mattified, even-textured* skin and tightened pores, in just three minutes. Non-drying and gentle, thanks to the kaolin, a natural white clay.
Rs 1,619.11 Rs 1,799.00
An eye-contour product that erases all the signs of ageing, such as wrinkles, dark circles and bags. It restores radiance to the complexion.
Rs 1,799.09 Rs 1,999.00
An anti-wrinkle moisturiser that works intensively throughout the night for smoother and wrinkle-free skin in the morning.
Rs 2,069.10 Rs 2,299.00
A milk-lotion to rapidly remove all traces of make-up from the face and eye area in a single action without the need to rinse.
Rs 719.10 Rs 799.00
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