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A moisturiser that prevents shine throughout the day.
Rs 1,379.08 Rs 1,499.00
A gel that removes make-up and the impurities that build up during the day/night.
Rs 735.08 Rs 799.00
A powerful lotion that instantly cleanses the skin and tightens the pores. It is an essential step in revealing your skin's beauty.
Rs 919.08 Rs 999.00
An exfoliating powder for baby-soft skin. This surprising powder mixes with water to gently exfoliate and transform the skin texture. The result is amazing: the skin is soft, smooth and radiant within just a few seconds.
Rs 1,195.08 Rs 1,299.00
A fast-acting serum that significantly improves the skin's appearance. It protects against blemishes, removes dead skin cells, regulates excess sebum and tightens the pores.
Rs 1,655.08 Rs 1,799.00
Concentrated lifting skincare. One product with two formulae. This serum combines the power of an ultra-tightening and toning green serum with the comfort of an enveloping ivory serum. A dual texture to reshape the facial contours day after day.
Rs 2,207.08 Rs 2,399.00
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