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Klorane Soothing Hair Removal Cream With Sweet Almond 75ml allows a fast hair removal, safely, of the face and sensitive areas.
Rs 357.88 Rs 389.00
Calendula protects your baby from birth and awakens it to the benefits of nature. Natural Calendula care soothes baby's skin safely and their patented relaxing fragrance brings softness and serenity.
Rs 1,839.08 Rs 1,999.00
Klorane Petit Junior Shower Gel is specially formulated to protect children's fragile hair and prevent their delicate skin from drying. It leaves skin soft, supple and hair shiny.
Rs 302.68 Rs 329.00
Klorane detangling shampoo for children from 3 to 10 years of age.
Rs 495.88 Rs 539.00
Effective from the first use, the shampoo with Nasturtium reduces dry dandruff and lastingly purifies the scalp for softer, lighter hair.
Rs 302.68 Rs 329.00
Indicated for tired hair or in combination with hair loss treatment, this shampoo revitalizes hair thanks to the combined action of Quinine and B vitamins. Real fortifying booster, it restores hair's vigour and strength, while detangling.
Rs 459.08 Rs 499.00
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