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3, 5, 6, 7 and 9. The magic formula for your skin! 5 beneficial omegas for the skin in one bottle! The famous Omega 3, the mysterious Omega 5, the essential Omega 6 & 9 and the future star, Omega 7. The promise? Intense nutrition and a concentrate of 100% plant-based anti-ageing ingredients.
Rs 1,435.50 Rs 1,595.00
A brightening and exfoliating facial mask. Contains a gentle complex of Jojoba micro-spheres, Bamboo Silica and Apricot Kernel powder.
Rs 895.51 Rs 995.00
Your skin is like you: it breathes but not necessarily healthy air. The Detox Mask acts as an oxygenation cure for a fresh and rested complexion in a few minutes.
Rs 616.50 Rs 685.00
A mask that is three times more merciless with pimples! The Triple Black Mask,is 3 star active ingredients for 3 effects. The purifying activated charcoal trio, the matifying black clay and the smoothing lava powder make pimples disappear for a matified, clearand smoothed skin for 100% of the users.
Rs 760.50 Rs 845.00
Novexpert Serum Booster Vitamin C is a anti aging serum for all skin types. This high-performance booster serum delivers antioxidant, anti-inflammatory Vitamin C to the skin, fighting sun damage, increasing luminosity and stimulates natural collagen for a
Rs 1,885.51 Rs 2,095.00
With its innovative brush applicator, the Targeted SpotCorrector acts in CORRECTION and PREVENTION of all pigmentary spots (lentigos, melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation...).
Rs 670.51 Rs 745.00
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