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Cleanses extra gently, soothes the scalp & reduces scalp itching.
Rs 579.00
A delicate pearly cream, firm, and rich. A genuine touch of kindness to your dyed or dull hair.
Rs 325.00
Free from silicones, parabens, and colorants.
Rs 530.00
A pearly white texture, at the crossroads between cream and milk, a genuine touch of kindness to your dyed or dull-looking hair.
Rs 362.00
The natural and vegan Conditioner with Organic Peony has been specifically formulated to soothe sensitive and uncomfortable scalps. From the first use and throughout the day, it soothes feelings of irritation and discomfort thanks to its organic Peony extract, traditionally used for its soothing properties. Its biodegradable formula moisturises the scalp and the lengths. Hair is easy to detangle, softer and shinier, with a delicate relaxing fragrance.
Rs 599.00
Thanks to its balancing cleansing base enriched with nettle extract, this shampoo effectively cleanses oily hair and gently reduces excess sebum. A real haircare product with a 'blotting' effect, its balancing and purifying properties come from white nettle, which has roots rich in sebum-reducing plant ingredients. Purified, the scalp is left clean, and hair stays light and airy for longer. Over time, fewer washes are needed.
Rs 449.00