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The corrective day cream lightens and prevents the appearance of dark spots.
Rs 999.00
The corrective night cream reduces brown spots.
Rs 999.00
Lightening skincare that respects the beauty and sensitivity of your skin.
Rs 1,295.00
Topicrem Mela Unifying Exfoliating Bar 150g is a soap for sensitive skin. It exfoliates thanks to its natural particles of apricot kernels to smooth skin texture. It unifies and awakens the radiance of the complexion for an even and luminous result.
Rs 335.00
Topicrem My 1st Gentle Ultra-Rich Cleansing Bar 150g is a soap indicated for the sensitive and dry skin of infants and babies. It gently cleanses while preserving the fragile and delicate skin barrier, thanks to its anti-drying properties. Enriched with nourishing cotton oil, it can be used daily for face and body. Its orange blossom fragrance offers a moment of comfort and softness to baby.
Rs 259.00
Enriched with shea butter, Ultra mosturizing lip balm moisturizes, nourishes and protects dry lips.
Rs 205.00
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