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This lotion is ideally formulated to reduce irritation, skin flakes, facial (sides of nose, eyebrows, hairline) and body redness.
Rs 669.00
D.S. Lotion is a non-greasy regulating solution for daily use. The scalp rapidly returns to normal ; it regains its healthy appearance and dandruff disappears.
Rs 739.00
DS HAIR innovation: the first shampoo range to incorporate Thermal Water from the French Alps.
Rs 619.00
Uriage Thermal Micellar Waters are perfectly suited for removing make-up from all skin types.
Rs 459.00
Uriage Light Water Cream SPF20 is a cream that moisturizes, replumps and illuminates the skin of your face.
Rs 789.00
Uriage Water Eye Contour Cream with light texture has been elaborated to moisturise, highlight, rest the eye contour, even the most sensitive ones.
Rs 649.00
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